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It takes a couple of hours to put workers in the system and start working

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Manage your tasks being anywhere

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No need to install

No need to download, unpack and install anything. All you need is an internet connection and modern browser.

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Flexible system of customizing access rights is provided. Your data is available only to those who have an access.

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Set the tasks to your employees, attach documents and discuss operational issues in the task section. Every single task will be kept under your control.

Scope of application


Benefits for consulting companies

  • Managing projects on the basis of particular client’s needs
  • Engaging customer’s employees to the tasks
  • Generating interim accounts and summarizing reporting for customers
  • Taking into account clients’ relations
  • Increasing efficiency of the project activities by 20%
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Benefits for building companies

  • Monitoring project deadlines
  • Engaging and supervising
  • Prediction of delays
  • Using project templates
  • Storing projects documents in the one place
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Benefits for projects in IT field

  • Working remotely, from anywhere
  • Presenting projects using Kanban board
  • Time tracking
  • Using model projects templates
  • Generating detailed reports on the task performers’ work
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Benefits for branch networks

  • Working with the braches businesses remotely
  • Using model request templates from branch plant to the head office
  • Setting tasks for all branches’ networks
  • Generating reports both on the branch plants and the head office
  • Using single communication channel
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Benefit for production companies

  • Meetings’ minutes automation
  • Rapid deployment of the project office
  • A simple tool for managing audit mismatches
  • Monitoring deadlines that are set for employees and departments
  • Convenient way to generate reports, providing access to the relevant reports to particular employees.
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Benefits for governmental agencies

  • Meetings’ minutes automation
  • Easy implementation; there is no need to install a special software
  • Convenient tool for project management
  • Monitoring task performance deadlines
  • Generating detailed reports on the task performers’ work
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Benefits for HR units

  • Employee performance reports
  • Employee database
  • Rapid communication with all the administrators of the organization
  • Using single communication channel
  • Opportunity to generate profile of an employee
Rise in the efficiency of
projects administration

Teams that use IQ300

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How can you reach higher efficiency and monitor the process at all stages?

  • Assign and manage tasks
  • Keep projects under control at all stages
  • Get reports on the status of the project
  • Monitor each employee’s involvement
  • Compare performance results of different departments
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